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Enjoy great times at Metronome, Morden’s iconic coffee and events space

Join us for a change of scenery, we're super clean and have implemented COVID-19 precautions

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Your Local Independent Coffee House....

Metronome Coffee House serves speciality coffee, artisan teas and delicious locally sourced gourmet pastries, food and light bites.

We serve Old Spike coffee which is directly sourced from coffee farmers, and batch roasted in South London. The coffee is even more tantalising, knowing that 65% of Old Spike's profits go towards supporting people out of homelessness.
For more information how the coffee is sourced, the flavour profiles of our coffees and Old Spike, click  here.

Our breakfast includes Metro Porridge pots, Bacon Brioches and a range of artisanal pastries made by Rockstar Bakers.

Having breakfast to-go? Make into a more substantial breakfast with our Breakfast Metro-Box which includes a choice of drink and fresh fruit pot or parfait.

Our lunches offer a range of sandwiches, toasted ciabattas and wraps. All made fresh daily.

Sitting-in? Our lunches are served with salad and crisps.

Having lunch to take-away? Make it into a lunch with our Metro-Box which includes a drink and treat/snack, and grab a tasty saving.

We now offer a pre-ordering service through Good Eats; so if you're on a timed lunch break or just want to beat the queue - click the button below to place your order with us.

Take-away coffee & Almond Croissant

Serving up...

Old Spike Speciality Coffee

Our coffee is from our friends at Old Spike in Peckham who give meaningful employment and training to those affected by homelessness. 

Teasup Artisan Tea

Delicious, ethical, artisan teas come from Teasup who provide quality whole leaf teas - better for the environment, better for the people who pick, grow and drink it.

Delicious Snacks and Sandwiches

Where possible, our food is locally sourced, with gourmet sandwiches freshly made in house

Creative Space

Our luxurious meeting room, with space for up to five people, is available to hire by the hour. This versatile space is perfect for; private meetings, lone workers who need a change of scenery, writers who like space to create, composers can enjoy using our gorgeous Yamaha U3 piano… 

Opening times

  • Monday:         7:30 am - 5 pm  
  • Tuesday:        7:30 am - 5 pm
  • Wednesday:   7:30 am - 5 pm   
  • Thursday:       7:30 am - 5 pm
  • Friday :           7:30 am - 5 pm
  • Saturday:       9 am - 3 pm   

Where we are:

8 Crown Lane

Email:  hello@metronome.life

Phone: 020 8540 6107 / 07884157044


Metronome Events are on hold for the moment!

We cannot wait to open our doors to host an array of events for the community including screenings, Story-Telling evenings and music events.

Join us

We're planning a wide range of events, bursting with opportunities to create, discover, explore and unwind

Everyone is welcome

Our superb design ensures we're fully accessible and open to all

We believe

Coffee shouldn’t cost the earth; we protect the environment, source our ingredients locally and support businesses who share our values