Loan cup scheme

It’s the end of the line for disposable cups

Along with having a great time, sustainability is at our heart – we believe that a good brew shouldn’t cost the earth. We’ve had a look at the stats and recommendations(*) and are daring to be ahead of the curve by not issuing single use cups.

The stark facts…

  • 2.5 billion coffee cups are used each year (hard to imagine isn’t it? Envisage enough cups to stretch around the planet roughly five and a half times)
  • fewer than 0.25% of cups get recycled (that’s a shocking 1 out of 400),
  • around 500,000 are littered every day and
  • the rest goes to landfill as there aren’t enough facilities in the UK to process them for recycling,

…are a huge wake up call

The Government has been advised to set a target that all single use coffee cups should be recycled by 2023. If this target is not achieved, the Government is further advised they should ban disposable coffee cups

When you pop in for a pick me up, we’ve got plenty of options:

  • Use our ‘loan cups’
    We’re the first independent company in the UK to provide affordable loan cups – it’s as convenient as a single use:
    There’s a refundable deposit of £2
    You’ll get a full refund when you return the cup in good condition
    Returned cups are then washed and ready for reuse
    Of course you can reuse your loan cup wherever…
  • Bring your own reusable cup
    We’ll happily provide the drink of your choice
  • Buy a reusable cup
    Details of the reusable cups we sell are coming soon.

*House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, Disposable Packaging: Coffee Cups, Second Report of Session 2017-19

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