Choosing Joy and Courage

John and Ruth's Crown Lane Studio was a well established business when Ruth was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2018. Her great love was loving others.  She truly had the gift of hospitality: cooking for people at home; welcoming people at the studio, and giving her greatest gift - time to those who needed it most. 

It seemed appropriate, after her death in 2019 to create a space where hospitality - and time could be established for others. John began work on Metronome (meaning: the musical device for keeping time) only a few months after her death, and in 2020, just as the pandemic was exploding into our world, we stuttered into existence - with much support from so many people. 

2021, and we finally began to establish our intentions, with a programme of events; galleries; films and so much more. 

Life isn't easy - for a lot of us, but choosing joy and courage - often daily - certainly changes the heart and mindset and enables life to continue to move forward. That's what we want here at Metronome.

We'd love you to join the journey. And if you've not done so already, please add your name and email below so we can keep in touch. We'd love that. 

John - Director 

Metronome Life Limited