For our espresso-based coffees, we use Old Spike’s Benedict Blend; versatile, balanced and packed full of sweetness,  this coffee tastes sublime with or without milk (make ours a flat white!)


We know caffeinated coffee isn’t for everyone, we’re pleased to be offering quality decaf as an alternative. Sourced from Columbia, Old Spike invest just as much care and pride in the processing of their decaf coffee – expect all the flavour… just without the caffeine.


If you’re a filter coffee drinker, we’ve got you covered – we serve Old Spike’s single origin filter ‘less about body…and more about brightness, aroma and complexity’, brewed in our Moccamaster, it’s your chance to appreciate filter coffee at its best



We serve a variety of home made sandwiches, our selection includes vegan and vegetarian options.  All served on delicious artisan bread, using dairy free butter – freshly made, every day – with an extra little sprinkling of love.


Go ahead! Enjoy indulgent nibbles from our selection of delicious cakes and pastries…


We offer gluten-free bread but cannot guarantee the absence of gluten or allergens in our food

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